Peter Mock Groundwater Consulting, Inc.
"The Proof of the Well is in the Pumping"
We've all likely heard the saying "The proof is in the pudding".  This popular, shortened version of a famous saying originating in the 1600s is incorrect.  The actual quote has more meaning: "The proof of the pudding is in the eating".  The pudding has to be put to its intended use before its value can be surmised.

In groundwater development,a well's value can not be known before it is tested.   The earth beneath our feet does not come with a spec sheet, warranty or contract for its performance.  No volume of hits, likes or tweets can determine how much water will come out of a well before the pump is switched on.  Hence, one can adapt the famous pudding saying: "The proof of the well is in the pumping"

The proof of a hydrologist's value, like that of pudding or a well, is in the testing; in this case the accumulated track record of reports and simulations answering challenging questions about complex natural phenomena.  Dr. Mock has produced a large number of useful reports over 30 years addressing a wide range of hydrologic, geologic and environmental science challenges.  Much of this work was under detailed review by multiple parties.  Contact Dr. Mock directly for his experience relevant to your project.